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"Amper allows me to prepare and automate my data analysis so I can spend more time creating actionable insights that transform my business.”

- Evan Luckey, Data Architect, Society Consulting
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Amper helps you make decisions based on facts, not hunches. It quickly and easily helps reveal the insights locked within your data. It also automatically scales to handle petabytes of data, and provides output to your favorite apps.

Speed, scale, and ease


Use data gathered from your marketing efforts to fine-tune campaigns in near real-time.

  • Make smart decisions—and act on them—more quickly.
  • Blend data sources, then use your favorite apps to generate richer insight.
  • Use data without waiting for IT or Engineering support.

Business Intelligence

Help your data heroes and query wizards use the power of Hadoop and the AWS technology stack to reduce time to insight.

  • Leverage the insights buried in petabytes of data in minutes, not months.
  • Use Amper from any desktop in your organization.
  • Drive ROI by reducing data hygiene times up to 80%.

IT / Data Engineering

Use the power of Hadoop to cleanse, map, model, and transform data faster and easier than ever before.

  • Get started in less than a minute with built-in templates.
  • Write your own queries with a platform that gives you SQL-like functionality—and ditch the SQL box you’ve been hiding under your desk.
  • Scale to handle petabytes of data easily and quickly.

Streamline your workflow


Stop waiting for IT or Engineering support

Amper lets you use Hadoop to prepare and integrate data without writing code, even at petabyte scale. It ingests and structures raw data, then simplifies and automates cleansing, enriching, joining, and other tasks.


Work in familiar applications like Excel and Tableau

Amper distributes data sets to your favorite tools. Easily output to Excel, Tableau, SQL Server, and Adobe Data Workbench for advanced analysis.


Uncover the insights in your data quickly, easily, and without writing code

Amper lets you use the power of Hadoop to uncover insights in minutes, not months. Use any desktop in your organization to uncover insights in petabytes of data and start making decisions based on fact, not hunches.


  • Deploy on-premise or the cloud and work from any desktop
  • Scales to support petabytes of data for painless growth
  • Secure SSL encryption helps keep your data safe
  • 24/7 uptime—Amper leverages the AWS technology stack
  • Integrate multiple data sets into one output in your favorite app
  • Automated data ingestion from FTP sources lets you work faster
  • Develop advanced cohort analysis with custom scripting
  • Manage ongoing log data in a single source
  • Extend web data with location-based information

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